Connectivity Factory™ is certified with the label “swiss made software”

Crossing-Tech is proud of this mention because of many years of experience and hard work of the entire team. “Being a Swiss company is a major asset when it comes to risk and fraud management projects” says James Nauffray, CEO, Crossing-Tech. The “swiss made software” label stands for Swiss values in software development. It’s associated with values such as quality, reliability and precision.

Connectivity Factory™ meets the two following requirements of the label:

  • At least 60 % of the production costs must be generated in Switzerland.
  • The key steps in the manufacturing process must take place in Switzerland.


Let us introduce you to STREETS: the 1st platform federating an ecosystem made of +15 Property Managers, Fund Direction and Custodian Bank.


STREETS efficiently manages data coming from 10 swiss Real Estate Funds; 300 buildings.


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