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Crossing-Tech is the software author of  STREETS a unique and innovative real estate data management platform.

STREETS enables all stakeholders in the real estate sector – Portfolio, Asset, Property, Facility & Construction Managers – to collaborate and exchange, consolidate and analyse all operational data to ensure efficient management of real estate assets.

Our experience with many Asset Managers, Investment Managers and other contributors to real estate asset management processes is designed into STREETS; the data capture screens, dashboards and reporting features enable you to streamline operations for all stakeholders.

STREETS will help you grow Assets under Administration, improve your controls, and satisfy the information needs of all your stakeholders, without disrupting your investment in administrative systems.

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Products & Solutions

Crossing-Tech provides robust middleware solutions to help you master your connectivity & data challenges.

A unique platform for real estate portfolio managers. On top of scaling up your business, it grants a privileged access to a fully integrated ecoystem made of property managers, asset managers, funds direction.

WHY Crossing-tech?

End-to-End connectivity is complex. Even more with the rise of digital channels, IoT, social networks… and especially when you need to guarantee data accuracy and availability through the whole value chain.

Crossing-Tech value proposal is unique: a blend of middleware solutions and a specific know-how dedicated to both connecting everything accordingly and tackling data lifecycle management. We understand that each customer is unique and support you every step of the way, helping you master your data challenges.

We’ve selected CONNECT for its strong integration capacities. The solution allowed us to manage big data flows, taking into account volume, quality and security issues in the process.

CEO, Transparency Rights Management

We are happy with the decision to partner with Crossing-Tech. We have important on going projects that we believe could not have been completed in such a short timeframe with any other solution.

Head of IT Solutions Asia, Multifonds

STREETS has allowed Solufunds to create a uniform database for all managed properties, regardless of the mandated authority. This data is now available to our customers for different purposes.

CEO, Solufonds SA

With Crossing-Tech, we have found a reliable and innovative partner who helped us automate the data processing chain. Thanks to their platform, STREETS, data coming from Property Managers is now automatically loaded into our Portfolio Management System, while keeping our independence.

Head of Finance & IT, Procimmo