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STREETS create a connection between you and your assets.

Transform your data into actionable strategy, control your process and empower your teams. 

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Your business is all about data, metrics, and decision-making. STREETS is the one solution that brings everyone and everything together. Designed and developed specifically for the Real Estate sector, STREETS serves up the portfolio data, critical metrics, and thorough analysis you need, regardless of asset type or operational platform.

STREETS is customizable, adapt to your needs and integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. You’ll have the power to collect financial and operating data and collaborate with property management partners, enabling them to continue to leverage their existing operational structures and best business practices. It’s not just a software solution. It’s a whole new way of working together in Real Estate industry.

A solution for every real estate actor

fund Manager

Build better strategy with critical business insights and capture all your data on a single platform.

Asset Manager

Take informed decision to drive your investment strategies and visualize the activity of your assets.

property Manager

Scale your business and get operational insights to achieve a higher mass under management.


Every bit of data is available through our state of the art web based platform. Accessible from anywhere, our dashboard let you visualize your performance at a glance, get snapshot of the state of your portfolio and share information on the fly.

What people say about us

We’ve selected CONNECT for its strong integration capacities. The solution allowed us to manage big data flows, taking into account volume, quality and security issues in the process.

CEO, Transparency Rights Management

We are happy with the decision to partner with Crossing-Tech. We have important on going projects that we believe could not have been completed in such a short timeframe with any other solution.

Head of IT Solutions Asia, Multifonds

STREETS has allowed Solufunds to create a uniform database for all managed properties, regardless of the mandated authority. This data is now available to our customers for different purposes.

CEO, Solufonds SA

With Crossing-Tech, we have found a reliable and innovative partner who helped us automate the data processing chain. Thanks to their platform, STREETS, data coming from Property Managers is now automatically loaded into our Portfolio Management System, while keeping our independence.

Head of Finance & IT, Procimmo