Transparency Rights Management partners with Crossing-Tech to bring a powerful response to data management issues, at a worldwide scale.


Transparency RM is a trusted third party in data management. Specialized in Intellectual Property, the French company consolidates lacunar and heterogeneous metadata, it also converts files into any appropriate format. As an example, Transparency RM processes video platforms (YouTube, Dailymotion) on behalf of the rights holders (PRS, Sacem).


To meet big data challenges, including processing tens millions of data in a couple of hours, the french company required a solution that manages all ingoing / outgoing data and that deals with several specific format. Matching Transparency RM’s professional expertise and Connectivity Factory™’s strong integration capacity, this technological partnership consolidates a European player on the market of digital confidence, in a context of big data and data uses hot issues.


“We’ve selected Connectivity Factory™ for its strong integration capacities. The solution allow us to manage big data flows, taking into account volume, quality and security issues in the process.”says Jean-François Bert, CEO, Transparency RM