CF-Inside™ simplifies and speeds up software deployment

Crossing-Tech is pleased to announce the launch of Connectivity Factory™ Inside (CF-Inside™), a partnership program based on the proven technology Connectivity Factory™. Especially dedicated to software providers, the CF-Inside™ program solves the critical and time-consuming problem of data integration during software deployment.

With CF-Inside™, Software Providers have the ability to quickly connect to a wide variety of applications and data sources. An extremely rich set of financial libraries such as SWIFT, FIX, and FpML allows CF-Inside™ to naturally understand and instantly manage the semantics of the information exchanged. Software Providers no longer have to deal with complex and expensive alternatives to deploy their software at the customer’s location. CF-Inside™ aims at standardizing the deployment procedure, no matter how complex or heterogeneous the customer IT environment. Software Providers consequently increase their technology independence, operational agility and, ultimately, their profitability ratio.

« Partners using CF-Inside™ have found it to be the quick, smart and simple solution to addressing integration issues that arise when deploying their own solutions, which become increasingly complex with the multi-channelization of data exchange », says James Nauffray, CEO Crossing-Tech.


More than a simple technological partnership

Software providers need to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying their software to maximize business opportunities, increase sales and speed up execution. However, this requires more than an integration platform: it requires a company that works close with its clients in order to design the best solution and provide high-quality support. The CF-Inside™ program is a value-added model that goes beyond the technological context of the partnership. Crossing-Tech works closely with software providers to provide them technical, operational and commercial support. Indeed, the company assists them with pre-sales, sales and support teams, and offers various business models to best suit their needs.

“The breadth of connections featured by CF-Inside™ allows us to promote new business models to our clients. For instance, not only we connect to financial data providers, but we also integrate with market backbone actors”, says Bertil Rouveure, Executive Chairman, Multifonds.


This program has a bright future

Nowadays, enterprises are running after the time, they want to do more and faster. Here is the mission of Crossing-Tech. The swiss company delivers the system-wide agility, improves organizational efficiency, and consequently allow enterprises to save time and money securely. With a unique program on the market, the swiss company stands out and signs its first contracts in Switzerland, Italy, France and Asia.


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