Solufonds SA (fund management company) chose Crossing-Tech SA (experts in data integration) to automate the management and processing of data coming from many sources.

If automatic data processing and valorisation are current topics, many companies have not taken that step. However, the desire to differentiate in a very competitive environment will bring each business leader to address this matter carefully. This is the case of Solufonds, a company animated by a strong motivation to increase its productivity and offer new services to its customers. To meet these challenges, Solufonds relied on Crossing-Tech’s technology and its expert team dedicated to the real estate industry.

As a Swiss fund management company authorized by FINMA, Solufonds receives a significant amount of financial data from real estate agencies. Until then, the manual processing of these data resulted in substantial productivity losses. With Connectivity Factory™, new generation of integration platform created by Crossing-Tech, data are now collected from the source, verified to ensure quality and consistency, quickly and fully automatically managed. It brings Solufonds a transparent, flexible and controlled process that reduces all risks associated with multiple and manual tasks. Consequently, Solufonds enjoys significant benefits: simplification and guarantee of its operations, industrialization, time savings, increased productivity and profitability.


« Connectivity Factory™ allowed Solufonds to create a uniform accounting database for all managed properties, regardless of the mandated authority. These data can then be available to our customers for other uses (management tools, compliance, risk analysis). » says Claudio Muller, CEO, Solufonds SA.


« The success of this project enhances the desire of Crossing-Tech to be recognized as a major player in the real estate sector in Switzerland. Following this first project with Solufonds, we now want to expand the framework of this collaboration. The goal is to bring our expertise to facilitate the extension of the value proposition for their customers. » says Arnaud Gonon, Sales Manager Switzerland, Crossing-Tech SA.


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