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STREETS enables modern data-driven Real Estate asset managers to eliminate manual processes, leverage better insights through analytics, and improve returns by focusing on long-term strategies. Don’t rely on antiquated software systems, spreadsheets, and manual processes to manage your assets. STREETS improve your visibility and decreased your portfolio risks

Create insightful report

Get an easy access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Key Success Indicators (KSIs) provided by asset type, which are completely configurable. These metrics are then rendered by dashboards for internal and external stakeholders displaying ongoing progress against organizational goals. In addition to its library of standard reports, STREETS also supports custom report powered by an easy-to-use query engine.

Hack your growth

Use custom data benchmark to highlight market trends and investment opportunities. Compare your key business metrics to the industry to make insightful decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

Scale your business and achieve a higher mass under management. Add new property to your portfolio with ease and increase renewal rates of your assets.

Develop your portfolio

Decision-making made easy through accurate insights, streamlined processes, and improved collaboration to boost your portfolio strategy. Complex tasks are optimized to facilitate funds creation, acquisition and collaboration with new partners.

Gain control of your data

Capture and validate all your data on a single platform, get better insights, and make faster decisions by identifying the most effective aspects of your asset management strategy.

Improve data integrity

STREETS is powered by a robust engine to centralize, standardize and store data coming from multiple source and reduce risk of human errors to a minimum. Incoming data are profiled and processed through quality controls gateways.